How to Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy

A very common issue faced by each and every woman during their pregnancy will be hair loss. It is also said to be a most daunting issue as it completely changes the hair texture. This hair loss problem which is particularly connected with pregnancy for women usually occurs after delivery for most of the women who are affected by postpartum depression. All those who face hair fall problem after pregnancy will surely have a question which is why hair loss problem occurs after delivery.

Answer for this will be decreasing estrogen hormones and loss of calcium. It has been found that 90% of human hair will grow at any time and the rest 10% of the hair will enter into their resting phase. Approximately between two to three months all the resting hair sheds out of the scalp and it in turn allows the new hair to grow in the same place. This is the common cycle which all humans face. But this may differ for women during their pregnancy period.

How to Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy

Why womens face hair loss problem at the time of pregnancy

During this time period nearly 70% of women face hair loss problem most probably between 1st month to 5th month and after that they gain enormous hair growth till delivery. Due to increase in hormone levels particularly hormone named estrogen will greatly support the hair to grow densely. But after delivering a baby there will be an entire change in this condition because an increased count of hair will move to resting phase. Usually after the 3rd month of delivery this problem will start causing a drastic change.

Doctors also say hormone levels will rise rapidly after 5th month of pregnancy and after delivery these hormones will move back to their normal levels. These are the major reasons for which the hair loss that was delayed at the time of pregnancy will fall out entirely all at once. All these issues are truly curable and there are countless things which can be done to have healthier hair or to reduce hair loss during and after pregnancy. Among such ideas the most common one will be choosing a best shampoo for pregnancy as shampoo stands first while searching a solution for hair loss problem. Now let’s discuss how shampoo becomes a basic need to prevent hair loss and also we shall also see how to prepare a homemade shampoo.

How to Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy

Make best shampoo for pregnancy at your home

Most of the shampoos sold in the market have the characteristic of pulling out the oil content and moisture present naturally in human hair. This makes the hair to dry quickly. At the time of pregnancy and after delivery it is quite natural that the hair, hair root and the scalp gets dried. So, while using such shampoos which have the characteristic of drying the hair quickly will be very dangerous at the time of pregnancy. Hence, much care should be taken to choose the best shampoo for pregnancy. Choosing a shampoo and a conditioner which increases the moisture in hair will be the best choice at the time of pregnancy. But all shampoos sold in markets will surely have chemical contents which are used to increase fragrance, foam etc. Using such chemical added shampoos will have notable side effects for mother and also baby.

Finally all the above statements clearly say buying shampoos from market will not be surely a best shampoo for pregnancy. Then, what alternative step can be taken will be the next reasonable question. The one and only best alternative step will be preparing shampoo at home. Making shampoo at home is not a hectic task as it can be easily made by using certain ingredients which are rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins etc and few of such ingredients are listed below

Castile soap

Jojoba oil

Grape seed

Peppermint oil

Tea tree oil

Aloe vera gel

Avocado oil

Egg and yogurt

Lemon extract

Coconut extract

Apple cider vinegar

By making use of all the above said ingredients women can make a shampoo which will be really the best shampoo for pregnancy and also after pregnancy. These ingredients help the hair and the scalp to hold their natural characteristics in a healthy manner and women can enjoy having dense hair all the time at no cost. It will be surely an obvious condition for few women to face hair loss to a certain extent even after using homemade shampoo. But this issue will not found to be in a greater extent as seen while using chemical added shampoos. Homemade shampoo will surely be the best choice to console hair loss for many women and it will surely control hair fall. It will also stimulate growth of new hair easily. Here are certain ideas which state how to make shampoos at home by using the above said ingredients.

Basic shampoo making procedure for both pregnant and normal woman

Using castile soap, jojoba oil, grape seed and distilled water at equal ratio will form a basic shampoo. All the above said ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and then it can be added to a flip cap bottle in order to dispense it easily. This shampoo suits all women and it greatly suits the women who are pregnant. As the ingredients added are rich in vitamin B and C, they will supply enough supplements to hair. This in turn stimulates the hair follicles to give healthy hair.

Moisturizing shampoo for pregnant woman

As discussed above women who are in their pregnancy stage will surely have dry hair problem. For all such women here is the best process to make highly moisturizing shampoo. Aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba oil, glycerin and castile soap must be taken at an equal proportion. Thoroughly mixing all such ingredients with water is the important step. Finally the mixture can be added to a foaming bottle. Thus, moisturizing homemade shampoo is ready for use.

All the above said process will be really effective treatment for women at the time of pregnancy and also it can be used throughout their life to prevent all sought of hair related issues. Finally, it is better to stop searching which will be the best shampoo for pregnancy and it is best to make homemade shampoo easily at home.

Can I Use Dry Shampoo After Dying My Hair?

Dry shampoo is very beneficial for colored hairs?

Dry shampoo is used to reduce grease and oil from the hair. In order to apply other shampoos and conditioners, hairs must be wet. But this is not the condition with dry hair. The hairs can be kept dry while applying the shampoo. People can choose best shampoo for balayage hair. There is no need to wash out the shampoo. People can apply the shampoo at those places where people want that their hairs should shine and visible to others.

Can I Use Dry Shampoo After Dying My Hair?

How does dry shampoo work?

The follicles present in the scalp have the task of growing hairs. Besides this, a natural oil called sebum is also produced which makes the hairs soft and hair also get their texture. Sebum also protects the skin present under the hairs.

There are many people who work in sunlight and this leads to the collection of oil and sweat in the hairs. The hairs start looking greasy and people do not like it. People can do many things like washing, styling, and drying but all these processes take a lot of time. These things are not good for the hairs. SO people should use dry shampoo to reduce the sebum and sweat from the hairs.

The ingredients of a dry shampoo consist of starch and alcohol. These ingredients have the tendency to absorb the sweat and oils and the hairs start looking clean again. Dry shampoos also come with fragrance and the hairs smell good after applying the shampoo.

Effectiveness of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo will make the hairs look less oily. The effectiveness depends on the texture of the hairs. People must be aware of the fact that these shampoos are only used to absorb sweat and oil. They are not related to clean the hairs. People must also take care that the shampoo should not be overused as the scalp can become dry and itching may also start.

Can I Use Dry Shampoo After Dying My Hair?

Dry shampoo for greasy hair

Dry shampoo is considered as best shampoo for the hairs in which secretion of oil is too much. People who work in such places where al lot of sweat is secreted, this shampoo is good for them too as it absorbs all the sweat and oils from the hairs and makes them look clean and shining. The greasy hairs need to be cleaned so that pores on the scalp do not get blocked.

Dry shampoo for natural hairs

If the hairs are already dry then people need to buy a specific type of shampoo that is suitable for their hairs. In the case of dry hairs that are black or brown in color, people should buy such a shampoo, which will not look flaky when it is spread in the scalp.

Dry shampoo for curly hairs

Curly hairs can look fresh with the usage of this shampoo. There is no need to comb or brush the hairs after they become dry. If the combing is done, hairs can become dry and brittle instead of fresh ones.

How to use the dry shampoo?

The usage of the shampoo is based on the various types of factors, which are as follows.

  • Type of hair
  • Texture of the hairs
  • Length
  • Oil or dry hairs

Here are the steps, which people can use to apply the shampoo.

  • Remove all the accessories from the hairs like pins, clips, barrettes, and many others.
  • Take the can of shampoo and keep a distance of six inches from the hair.
  • The shampoo should be sprayed on the toots of the hairs.
  • The shampoo can also be sprayed on the hairs of the neck, hairs above the ears and hairs at the back of the head.
  • Use the fingers to massage the shampoo in the hairs.
  • In order to give a good volume to the hairs, people can use dryer. This will help the shampoo in settling on the scalp.

Benefits of dry shampoo

There are many benefits of dry shampoo, which are as follows.

Regulation of oil production in the hair

People may use various types of shampoos and conditioners to remove the oil from the hair. The sebum glands keep secreting the oil so they become oily again and people need to repeat the steps. Dry shampoo helps in controlling the secretion of oil and keeps the hairs less oily. This helps in extending the time between two washes.

Applying the shampoo is not time-consuming

People can apply the shampoo within a minute or two. Water is not needed to apply it and people can use the shampoo anywhere. People can use it after workout, after working in the sun, and many other such situations.

Volume and texture are added to the hairs

The shampoo increases the volume of the hairs. In order to create texture in the hairs, people just need their fingers. No other tools are required for the purpose. If people have thin and fine hairs, the shampoo works well on them.

Nutrients can be transferred to the hairs

The dry shampoos consist of the nutrients that are extracted from plants. These nutrients consist of essential oils, which help in growth and health of the hairs. The hairs will remain healthy for a long time but the shampoo should not be overused as it can dry the scalp, and make it itchy.

Graying of hairs at a young age can be prevented

There are many factors that can lead to graying of hairs at a young age. These factors include chemicals in the shampoos, pollution, and many other things. Dry shampoo can prevent the graying of hairs for a long time. The nutrients present in the hairs nourish the follicles and the scalp to keep the hairs healthy and prevent their graying.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the benefits, which people can avail from dry shampoo. The shampoo provides nutrients and people can apply it easily any time and anywhere. There is no need of water or shower. The shampoo keeps the hairs dry by absorbing extra oils and sweat and people can find their hairs shiny and smooth.

Benefits of Exfoliating

We all know that the first impression is the last one and therefore it is essential that we give our best in the very first shot. Whenever we meet a person, the first thing that they notice is nothing else but our face. Therefore we can say that the face is a significant role player in the first impression. There are various skin problems that we may face because of various environmental changes. The skin problems are not just the outcomes of climatic factors, but also, our blood and food are vital reasons for the skin problems.

You might be thinking that there is no remedy for the skin problems you face, but that is not true. There are plenty of skin care products in the market these days that you can use to prevent your skin and cure the various skin problems. All the products use various methods to cure your skin, but the very best among the methods is exfoliation. The exfoliation is not best because of one reason, but there are plenty of benefits of the skin exfoliation process.

Benefits of Exfoliating

Skin exfoliation for all skin types

The skin exfoliation not only works on one skin type. The exfoliation is for all the skin types, and there are various instructions for all the different types. If you follow the prescribed instructions, you can surely get the best and long lasting results.

Normal skin

There are many people with normal skin who wish to enhance their beauty further. The good news is that there is plenty of best face exfoliator for combination skin and gadgets which can be used by people with normal skin. The skin exfoliation helps to maintain the beauty and keep the skins secure.

Oily skin

Anyone with oily skin and has acne pores in the skin get plenty of benefits from exfoliation as it is very important not to dry out the skin. The skin exfoliation keeps the skin moisturized and makes it free of acne and oil.

For combination skin

You do not understand the problem when your skin has combination problems like at some areas the skin is dry and oily and others. In such cases, the skin exfoliators are the perfect remedy as the exfoliation clears and treats skin evenly and treats all the problems no matter what they are.

Advantages of skin exfoliation

The exfoliation for skin is not popular just because it clears the skin of oil and dirt, but best face exfoliator for combination skin that delivers you plenty of other benefits too. The most important benefits of using skin exfoliators are described in details in the forthcoming points.

1. Prevents acne

The exfoliation process, by unclogging the skin, relieves your problem of blackheads and whiteheads, also called as acne. Scrubbing your skin to get rid of acne can be harmful to your skins as when we use the scrubs, the skin gets rubbed harshly that damages the skin. On the other hand, best face exfoliator for combination skin gently opens the skin pores and removes acne from it.

2. Helps other skin care products to penetrate deeper

After the exfoliation, you might try other skin care products available in the market, and you will see that after the exfoliation, the skin gets affected deeply by the skincare products used after it. The main reason behind it is that the skin gets cleared of the acnes and oil or dust with exfoliation. The oil and acnes are the main resistant that prevents the skin cares products from delivering results. When these are removed, and pores are opened, your skin becomes able to get the benefits of the products further used.

3. It evens the skin tone

There are plenty of people who are facing the problem of dark spots, rough texture, and acne scars. This kind of skin problems can be frustrating and therefore is very necessary to cure them all. These are some of the deep skin problems, and exfoliations can cure such problems too. In the market, there is best face exfoliator for combination skin that gets inside your skin and cures the problems like dark spots and acne marks. The exfoliators break deep down the dry and dead skin, making the texture of skin smooth and makes it look even.

The final words

The skin exfoliators are the ultimate remedy to various skin problems. Make sure that you find the best face exfoliator for combination skin available in the market so that you can get the best benefits of exfoliation.

Which Baby Shampoo Is Safest?

shapoo for baby

Normally, many new parents wish to know about how to take care of their beloved baby completely. They get much difficulty to gently wash the hair of their baby as they require concentrating a lot on the baby shampoo and other important things. They have to read the honest reviews of top brands of baby shampoos one after another and make a good decision about how to successfully purchase the appropriate baby shampoo at the competitive price. They can consider everything related to the baby shampoos and follow the guidelines to be successful in their approach for buying a brand-new baby shampoo on online. Easy-to-understand details about the best shampoo for baby nowadays attract almost everyone and encourage parents to explore and narrow down the latest collection of shampoos.

Consider important things

As a beginner to the baby shampoo market, you may get confused with a list of options and think about how to choose and buy one of these shampoos. You can spend enough time to research baby shampoos for sale and pay attention to the main things associated with these shampoos. For example, you can consider the overall quality, ingredients, effectiveness, convenience, cost, brand and other important things at any time you like to identify and purchase the baby shampoo appropriate for washing your baby’s soft hair as gentle as possible.

Experts in the baby shampoos these days recommend the organic and fragrance free baby shampoos for all parents who think about how to successfully choose and buy one of the most appropriate baby shampoos on online. They consider and double-check different things at any time they like to be successful in their approach for buying the baby shampoo. High-quality baby shampoos leave the hair clean and do not irritate or dry the delicate skin. These shampoos do not cause bath time tears. You can contact and consult with dermatologists and chemists to be successful in your approach for buying a high-quality yet a reasonable price of the baby shampoo. If you take note of the best baby shampoos from promising brands on the market, then you can get enough assistance and enhance your approach for successfully buying the appropriate baby shampoo.

shampoo for baby

Discuss with experts in the baby shampoos

Specialists in the baby shampoos these days suggest the baby shampoo made of the first-class ingredients and deliver the soothing and gentle clean. They understand that the overall skin of the baby is more absorbent than adult’s skin. They suggest products in particular baby shampoos designed for limiting exposure to strong chemicals required by the baby at least in the first few months. As a parent of the baby, you want the baby shampoo which is soft and gentle on the sensitive skin of the baby. You have to spend enough time to research top brands of high-quality yet affordable baby shampoos. You will get the complete assistance and fulfil your wishes about the hassle-free method to pick and order the baby shampoo from the top brand on the market.

Smart and health-conscious parents choose to buy and use the best shampoo for baby with the natural ingredients, calming and gentle nature. They consider and double-check different things while appraising the real worth of the baby shampoo. If you get ready for giving your beloved baby a bath at the first time, then you must make certain that you have bought a high-quality baby shampoo. This is because a good baby shampoo only works gentle on the skin of the baby and makes the skin and hair clean and smell good. You must remember that newborn only needs a bath a couple of times per week. You have to be conscious about how to choose and buy the baby shampoo subsequent to a thorough analysis of various things.

Make an informed decision

There are loads of brands of baby shampoos available on the market at this time. However, some of these products are Nurture my body baby shampoo and wash, Earth mama angel baby natural non-scents shampoo and body wash, Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo, California baby super sensitive shampoo and body wash and Aveeno baby wash shampoo. Easy-to-understand details and regular updates of top brands of baby shampoos on the market on online give you the most expected guidance to pick and order the suitable baby shampoo.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Curly Hair?

Having itchy and flaky scalp is a curse! It is not only uncomfortable but also humiliating. Especially when you are wearing dark-colored clothes, the white powdery specks over your shoulders are sure to be unsightly.

Dandruff is a chronic problem, but this does not mean that you simply have to live with it. There are different solutions that are promising in terms of their effectiveness. To know which one works best for your case, it is important to consider individual circumstances, such as your hair type. That said, if you are thinking of how to get rid of dandruff curly hair, keep on reading the rest of this post and we got you covered!

Use an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The obvious and perhaps most effective way to fight dandruff for people with curly hair is to choose the right shampoo.

Just like in using anti-dandruff shampoos in normal hair, one of the most important is to look at the ingredients that are used in the shampoo, making sure that there are no toxic chemicals that can do more harm than good. You need to show your scalp some tender loving care by checking the label first, making sure there is nothing that can irritate it. Otherwise, the dryness of the scalp can worsen, as well as the problem with dandruff.

If you are looking for the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair, click here and uncover an effective solution to a recurring problem!

Go Natural

If you are concerned that shampoos have harsh chemicals that can cause scalp irritation, then your next best bet is to use natural products that are equally promising in terms of getting rid of dandruff in curly hair.

People with naturally curly hair will benefit from using apple cider vinegar as they get rid of dandruff. All that you need to do is to mix one cup of water with three cups of apple cider vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle and spray on your curls. See to it that you saturate the hair strands. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and make sure to rinse it after.

Castile soap is another natural product that can be effective for dandruff in curly hair. It has vegetable oils and is high in pH, which makes it effective in correcting the pH balance of your curly hair.

Change Your Haircare Products

Dandruff has different causes, and a common culprit is the haircare products that you are using. Especially those that hold moisture, they can sometimes be too thick and can compromise the health of your scalp. Just like in shampoos, be wary about the styling products that you are using. See to it that it does not make the scalp too oily or too dry.


We all know how important exfoliation is for the face. In the same way, it is crucial to keep your scalp healthy and to get rid of dandruff for people with curly hair. Look for those with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients to provide gentle exfoliation on the scalp.

Change Your Habits

There are certain lifestyle changes that you will need to change to fight dandruff. For instance, if you often shower with water that is too hot, now is the time to change this practice as this can only exacerbate the case of dandruff. You also need to optimize the environment, such as by adding a humidifier in the room. Also, you need to lessen the haircare and styling products you are using as they most probably contribute to the problem.

Wrap Up

Getting rid of dandruff for people with curly hair requires a couple of changes in your haircare routine, such as the use of shampoo with natural ingredients, exfoliating, and getting away with showers that are too hot.

Trend of Red

Winter is here again and you know what that means…. scarves, boots, and pumpkin everything! This is always my favorite time of year, I love the leaves changing and the smell in the air, I love boots and scarves and staying in to make a soup or stew.

As the leaves change color I also want to change color…. My hair color!!! If you’re like me and you have a tendency to get bored with your hair color then this just may be your season. Sure, every year we see reds and auburns, and gold tones but this year something fantastic is happening! Those red and gold tones we once swooned over are now being taken over by coppers, oranges and strawberry tones!

Congratulation gingers! You’re now cool. There has never been a cooler time to be a ginger than now. Of course there are the iconic gingers who we have looked up to in the past. Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, Molly Ringwald and as history always repeats itself, we now look up to Christina Hendricks, Florence Welch and Emma Stone. These 6 women have taken ginger to a whole new level.

Christina, Florence and Emma all may look like they have similar hair color but not so, Let’s look at Christina first.

Why do I love Christina’s hair? Yes, it does help that she is absolutely gorgeous but I love this color because of the depth that it has, sometimes when we get too light with red tones it can look faded and washed out. Let’s save the faded and washed out looks for those seapunk tweens we all love so much. Her copper tones are rich, vibrant and glossy. Also a key tip, her eyebrows match her hair. I know it seems like a small thing but it makes all the difference. It looks more natural and it helps her eyes pop even more.

Now let’s take a look at Florence. Florence is rocking a lighter copper tone, more on the orange side. I have experienced many clients sitting down in my chair and saying to me “Do whatever you want, just don’t make my hair orange!” and every time it breaks my heart. I think that orange is one of the most beautiful colors you can give a gal. Of course they need to have the right skin tone and eye color but when it works, it works! Florence’s orange hues work because of her milky white skin and her gorgeous green eyes. Christina and Florence may look very similar but once put side by side you’ll see that Christina wears more reddish copper tones that play up her blues eyes, while Florence wear a more orange copper look that intensifies her green eyes.

And last but certainly not least, Emma Stone. I have a total girl crush on her. She’s funny, beautiful and a red head! Emma has a more toned down version of Christina and Florence. You can see that she wears her copper darker at the roots and then it melts down into brighter softer shades around her face. This works for her because the darker roots look more natural. Also, you can see more brown hues to her copper which is softer and more natural and it pairs better with her cool blue eyes.

The shades of this season are classy, sexy and sleek. Everything that last seasons redheads were not. Thank god! Last season, we saw Rihanna go red and it was awful. She is a beautiful girl but I’m going to be real with you people, that fake fire engine red looks trashy. Cher Lloyd is also guilty. I have nothing against either of these singers, I’m sure they’re great women… They just have ugly hair. Leave those fake tones to the tweens at Hot Topic who hate their mom’s.

If you are looking to try this trend but are still unsure, then instead of going for all over try starting with low lights or strawberry blonde highlights. Easing your way in with just pieces of coppers and reds is an easy way to see if it’s the right look for you but also if it isn’t the right look for you, it’s a much easier fix than trying to reverse an all over red/copper color.

Blondes can also look to mix up their locks by darkening your base with a golden strawberry blonde tone, still keeping some bright highlights in there to break it up and keep it light but toning it down for fall. Jessica Chastain does this very well. This is definitely a hot trend these days and I am a HUGE fan!

One thing to remember when adding red, copper or gold tones to your hair is that these tones are also the hardest to keep in your hair. That means that you ABSOLUTELY need to be using a color safe shampoo and conditioner. My favorite brand is Pureology and they make an amazing Reviving Red shampoo and conditioner. It has an indulgent decadent smell and will allow your red to stay up to 40% longer! If you’ve ever had red hair you know how hard it can to keep it looking bright and vibrant in between appointments.

If you, like me, love these colors then take that hair from drab to fab and be daring! Go for the gold (or copper) and liven up your locks with theses beautiful colors of winter.

Thanks for reading!

The Truth Behind Conditioning Treatments

Do you ever feel like your conditioner just isn’t working for you? Or like your shine products just aren’t shiny enough? Well, it might not be your products that are the problem… the truth is, it could be your hair.

Think back to the last time you were at the hair salon… maybe it was last week… maybe it was last month… maybe even last year (Let’s hope not, but if so, we’ll talk about that later). Did your stylist offer you a conditioning treatment? If so, did you take her or him up on the offer?

So, what is a conditioning treatment? Why would your stylist be offering it to you? Why should you be getting one every other time in the salon? Stick with me and I will let you into the world of conditioning treatments!

What is a conditioning treatment?

A treatment can come in all forms, spray, masque, gel, cream. It all depends on the brand of products that you or your stylist are using. I am a big fan of sprays and masques. The reason I like these two methods best is because, in my experience and opinion, they are the easiest and the most effective. Both are used on wet hair and both can be done at the salon or at home. I am a big fan of being able to do things at home, sometimes I just don’t want to put makeup on or put on deodorant, or even put real clothes on but I do however ALWAYS want my hair to look healthy. Sometimes you’re in a rush and you might not have time to get that treatment in the salon, thats OK! Talk to your stylist about treatments that you could take home with you and do in your own free time.

Generally, a conditioning treatment is a heavier conditioner that will repair your hair from damage and dryness that the environment, hot tools, and products (yes, I said products) may cause. A treatment will penetrate into the top layer of your hair and repair from the inside out. That’s the main difference between a treatment and a regular conditioner. A conditioner will just sit on top of your hair, and it will definitely make your hair feel soft and look shiny but it’s not going to do any repairs. A treatment will repair the damage that your hair takes each day. A treatment should be used on a weekly to biweekly basis depending on the damage of your hair.

Why should your stylist be using treatments on you?

Even though you can do a treatment at home, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do it for you. I’ve always said that if I win the lottery someday, I’m hiring someone to wash my hair for me everyday because, let’s be honest, it get’s annoying to have to do it yourself.

That’s not the only reason though, everything is guaranteed in the salon and from the salon. What that means is any product purchased outside of the salon (i.e. Ulta, Sally’s, Target, Whole Foods etc.) can’t always be guaranteed to work, EVEN IF IT’S A PROFESSIONAL BRAND. Always buy from your salon, you are not only supporting a local business but you are also getting quality professional products.

If, your stylist isn’t offering you a treatment, speak up!! Don’t be shy, ask for one yourself. If she still won’t give you… get a new stylist.

Why should you be getting one?

Raise your hand if you want soft, healthy, model like hair!! Need I say more?

If you have long hair and only get it cut one to two times a year, you absolutely need to get a treatment. Think about it, the hair at your roots might be new and healthy but how long have your ends been around? The hair at the bottom has been with you for 5,9,12,15 years? There’s no way that’s healthy hair. And if you’re not looking to chop it off and start over, a treatment might be something to think about.

So, here’s a couple products I’m a fan of:

Redken CAT Treatment. This is a treatment that you can get in the salon but also take home a bottle for yourself and use 2 – 4 times a month (Once every week or every other). CAT is a  pure protein treatment that comes in a spray bottle. After your hair is shampooed, towel dry and spray on! Focus on your ends, let sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse and condition. This is ideal for gals who are color feines, anyone who has been taken from blond to brown and vice versa. This treatment will put back that protein that harsh color can often take out.

Pureology Essential Repair Masque. This comes in a cream form, it looks a lot like conditioner but it has a much thicker texture to it. Pureology makes an array of masques for all hair types and they all have the same great sulfate free 100% vegan formula (save the animals!!!) The reason I like this one over the rest is because it’s reparative and it has biotin, which will make your hair grow, and soy milk which provides nourishment for those sad looking ends.

I hope this helps you in your quest for healthy shiny hair!

Thanks for reading.



I heard about Seapunk this January at a hair show in Vegas. I was sitting in a class and the artist teaching was from Australia. She had an amazing accent which made everything she said sound so much cooler than I could ever make it. Oh, and her style was impeccable (Uhg, Typical). Anyways — I’m sitting in class drooling over how amazing this artist is when she throws out the term Seapunk. I’m thinking to myself… Seapunk? Did she really just say that? The first thing my mind put together was “C” punk.  Which looking back is completely ridiculous. What would the letter “C” stand for anyways? Cute-punk. It would probably be cute-punk.

The worst part is she said the term seapunk so nonchalantly as if everyone would just know. I had no idea what it was or what it looked like so I did some research of my own, here are my findings:

Seapunk is, “A subgenre of pop music, fashion trend and design style created online by a small group of social media enthusiasts. Seapunk gained popularity as it was shared, forwarded, and linked across the internet.”

Basically if Ariel acted out with hair dye and hot topic gift cards instead of trying to date some prince. Also, has anyone noticed that she is like 13 in The Little Mermaid? What’s the real message here Disney?

Seapunk has been around for a few years now and was “born” when someone tweeted about a leather jacket. Yep, that’s how trends start these days. The tweeter described a leather jacket with studs but instead of studs the tweeter said he wanted them replaced with sea shells. At the end of that harmless little tweet he put #seapunk. From there it snowballed. It’s now on the runway and most likely in your closet too. When you google seapunk there are pages and pages of information and inspiration.  What started out as as a hashtag is now a culture and lifestyle.

So, what is it exactly? Seapunk is a mixture of Lady Gaga’s hardcore fashion with Nicki Minaj’s wild accessories and Katy Perry’s cotton candy hair color. It’s a melting pot and a creation that can be played up or played down. There is no right or wrong way to do seapunk.
Although the pastels are beautiful, I’m more of an opaque kinda girl. The light blues and greens may look good in vogue but, lets be honest people, everyone looks good in vogue. If taken too far there is a tendency to look like a washed up mermaid. Princess Ariel may have washed up on the seashore to be rescued by Prince Eric but she certainly didn’t have faded pastel hair color and smudged eye liner. Yes, she was naked, but we’re not talking about being naked… We’re talking about being seapunk.

If you have seen this trend and are wondering how to try it, start small. Perhaps a metallic clutch in the shape of a seashell, or a soft chiffon blouse with seahorses on it. If you are a DIY kind of person then take that old leather jacket rip those studs off and sew on some sea shells! You are your own innovator and can do whatever you want! Just remember to wear your outfit with confidence and you will look good no matter what… except maybe if you’re wearing crocks.

If you have already been easing your way into the sea punk world and are looking to be a bit more daring then try out those fun pastels and cotton candy tones on your hair. Start with an ombre look so that way when you want to change it up again or decide that maybe seapunk isn’t for you, it’ll be easy to make that transition. Stick to one tone on your hair and please choose one color at a time. The last thing this society needs is a bunch of faded Rainbow Brights running around. Try and find a color that will compliment your skin tone. If you have more of a reddish or warm skin tone, you may want to steer clear of the reds, pinks, and orange pastels. If you have a cool skin tone try finding a complimentary color to warm it up. If you’re unsure then its always a good idea to consult your stylist.

I don’t recommend trying to take on this hair style by yourself. Yes, there are many products out there that will tell you it’s “temporary’ but the reality is that those chalk or powder type products will strip out any trace of previous hair color you may have and it will also dry out your ends to the max. To some seapunk may look dried out and washed up, but to others it’s a beautiful melt of punk and beachy. Neither of those interpretations deserve dry damaged looking hair. Always go into your salon for a color consultation before going through with a new look. And if you do decide that seapunk is the look for you, you’ll want to make sure that you are protecting that haircolor with a sulfate free color safe shampoo and conditioner. I am always a fan of Pureology products because they are natural, sulfate free, and have a 100% vegan formula (save the animals!!!). Everything from their shampoo to hair spray is color safe, so no matter that style you are rocking it will look fresh all day long!

Remember, anything is possible and can look good as long as it’s worn with confidence and grace!

Thanks for reading!