How to Get Rid of Dandruff Curly Hair?

Having itchy and flaky scalp is a curse! It is not only uncomfortable but also humiliating. Especially when you are wearing dark-colored clothes, the white powdery specks over your shoulders are sure to be unsightly.

Dandruff is a chronic problem, but this does not mean that you simply have to live with it. There are different solutions that are promising in terms of their effectiveness. To know which one works best for your case, it is important to consider individual circumstances, such as your hair type. That said, if you are thinking of how to get rid of dandruff curly hair, keep on reading the rest of this post and we got you covered!

Use an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The obvious and perhaps most effective way to fight dandruff for people with curly hair is to choose the right shampoo.

Just like in using anti-dandruff shampoos in normal hair, one of the most important is to look at the ingredients that are used in the shampoo, making sure that there are no toxic chemicals that can do more harm than good. You need to show your scalp some tender loving care by checking the label first, making sure there is nothing that can irritate it. Otherwise, the dryness of the scalp can worsen, as well as the problem with dandruff.

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Go Natural

If you are concerned that shampoos have harsh chemicals that can cause scalp irritation, then your next best bet is to use natural products that are equally promising in terms of getting rid of dandruff in curly hair.

People with naturally curly hair will benefit from using apple cider vinegar as they get rid of dandruff. All that you need to do is to mix one cup of water with three cups of apple cider vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle and spray on your curls. See to it that you saturate the hair strands. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and make sure to rinse it after.

Castile soap is another natural product that can be effective for dandruff in curly hair. It has vegetable oils and is high in pH, which makes it effective in correcting the pH balance of your curly hair.

Change Your Haircare Products

Dandruff has different causes, and a common culprit is the haircare products that you are using. Especially those that hold moisture, they can sometimes be too thick and can compromise the health of your scalp. Just like in shampoos, be wary about the styling products that you are using. See to it that it does not make the scalp too oily or too dry.


We all know how important exfoliation is for the face. In the same way, it is crucial to keep your scalp healthy and to get rid of dandruff for people with curly hair. Look for those with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients to provide gentle exfoliation on the scalp.

Change Your Habits

There are certain lifestyle changes that you will need to change to fight dandruff. For instance, if you often shower with water that is too hot, now is the time to change this practice as this can only exacerbate the case of dandruff. You also need to optimize the environment, such as by adding a humidifier in the room. Also, you need to lessen the haircare and styling products you are using as they most probably contribute to the problem.

Wrap Up

Getting rid of dandruff for people with curly hair requires a couple of changes in your haircare routine, such as the use of shampoo with natural ingredients, exfoliating, and getting away with showers that are too hot.