How to Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy

A very common issue faced by each and every woman during their pregnancy will be hair loss. It is also said to be a most daunting issue as it completely changes the hair texture. This hair loss problem which is particularly connected with pregnancy for women usually occurs after delivery for most of the women who are affected by postpartum depression. All those who face hair fall problem after pregnancy will surely have a question which is why hair loss problem occurs after delivery.

Answer for this will be decreasing estrogen hormones and loss of calcium. It has been found that 90% of human hair will grow at any time and the rest 10% of the hair will enter into their resting phase. Approximately between two to three months all the resting hair sheds out of the scalp and it in turn allows the new hair to grow in the same place. This is the common cycle which all humans face. But this may differ for women during their pregnancy period.

How to Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy

Why womens face hair loss problem at the time of pregnancy

During this time period nearly 70% of women face hair loss problem most probably between 1st month to 5th month and after that they gain enormous hair growth till delivery. Due to increase in hormone levels particularly hormone named estrogen will greatly support the hair to grow densely. But after delivering a baby there will be an entire change in this condition because an increased count of hair will move to resting phase. Usually after the 3rd month of delivery this problem will start causing a drastic change.

Doctors also say hormone levels will rise rapidly after 5th month of pregnancy and after delivery these hormones will move back to their normal levels. These are the major reasons for which the hair loss that was delayed at the time of pregnancy will fall out entirely all at once. All these issues are truly curable and there are countless things which can be done to have healthier hair or to reduce hair loss during and after pregnancy. Among such ideas the most common one will be choosing a best shampoo for pregnancy as shampoo stands first while searching a solution for hair loss problem. Now let’s discuss how shampoo becomes a basic need to prevent hair loss and also we shall also see how to prepare a homemade shampoo.

How to Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy

Make best shampoo for pregnancy at your home

Most of the shampoos sold in the market have the characteristic of pulling out the oil content and moisture present naturally in human hair. This makes the hair to dry quickly. At the time of pregnancy and after delivery it is quite natural that the hair, hair root and the scalp gets dried. So, while using such shampoos which have the characteristic of drying the hair quickly will be very dangerous at the time of pregnancy. Hence, much care should be taken to choose the best shampoo for pregnancy. Choosing a shampoo and a conditioner which increases the moisture in hair will be the best choice at the time of pregnancy. But all shampoos sold in markets will surely have chemical contents which are used to increase fragrance, foam etc. Using such chemical added shampoos will have notable side effects for mother and also baby.

Finally all the above statements clearly say buying shampoos from market will not be surely a best shampoo for pregnancy. Then, what alternative step can be taken will be the next reasonable question. The one and only best alternative step will be preparing shampoo at home. Making shampoo at home is not a hectic task as it can be easily made by using certain ingredients which are rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins etc and few of such ingredients are listed below

Castile soap

Jojoba oil

Grape seed

Peppermint oil

Tea tree oil

Aloe vera gel

Avocado oil

Egg and yogurt

Lemon extract

Coconut extract

Apple cider vinegar

By making use of all the above said ingredients women can make a shampoo which will be really the best shampoo for pregnancy and also after pregnancy. These ingredients help the hair and the scalp to hold their natural characteristics in a healthy manner and women can enjoy having dense hair all the time at no cost. It will be surely an obvious condition for few women to face hair loss to a certain extent even after using homemade shampoo. But this issue will not found to be in a greater extent as seen while using chemical added shampoos. Homemade shampoo will surely be the best choice to console hair loss for many women and it will surely control hair fall. It will also stimulate growth of new hair easily. Here are certain ideas which state how to make shampoos at home by using the above said ingredients.

Basic shampoo making procedure for both pregnant and normal woman

Using castile soap, jojoba oil, grape seed and distilled water at equal ratio will form a basic shampoo. All the above said ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and then it can be added to a flip cap bottle in order to dispense it easily. This shampoo suits all women and it greatly suits the women who are pregnant. As the ingredients added are rich in vitamin B and C, they will supply enough supplements to hair. This in turn stimulates the hair follicles to give healthy hair.

Moisturizing shampoo for pregnant woman

As discussed above women who are in their pregnancy stage will surely have dry hair problem. For all such women here is the best process to make highly moisturizing shampoo. Aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba oil, glycerin and castile soap must be taken at an equal proportion. Thoroughly mixing all such ingredients with water is the important step. Finally the mixture can be added to a foaming bottle. Thus, moisturizing homemade shampoo is ready for use.

All the above said process will be really effective treatment for women at the time of pregnancy and also it can be used throughout their life to prevent all sought of hair related issues. Finally, it is better to stop searching which will be the best shampoo for pregnancy and it is best to make homemade shampoo easily at home.