Trend of Red

Winter is here again and you know what that means…. scarves, boots, and pumpkin everything! This is always my favorite time of year, I love the leaves changing and the smell in the air, I love boots and scarves and staying in to make a soup or stew.

As the leaves change color I also want to change color…. My hair color!!! If you’re like me and you have a tendency to get bored with your hair color then this just may be your season. Sure, every year we see reds and auburns, and gold tones but this year something fantastic is happening! Those red and gold tones we once swooned over are now being taken over by coppers, oranges and strawberry tones!

Congratulation gingers! You’re now cool. There has never been a cooler time to be a ginger than now. Of course there are the iconic gingers who we have looked up to in the past. Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, Molly Ringwald and as history always repeats itself, we now look up to Christina Hendricks, Florence Welch and Emma Stone. These 6 women have taken ginger to a whole new level.

Christina, Florence and Emma all may look like they have similar hair color but not so, Let’s look at Christina first.

Why do I love Christina’s hair? Yes, it does help that she is absolutely gorgeous but I love this color because of the depth that it has, sometimes when we get too light with red tones it can look faded and washed out. Let’s save the faded and washed out looks for those seapunk tweens we all love so much. Her copper tones are rich, vibrant and glossy. Also a key tip, her eyebrows match her hair. I know it seems like a small thing but it makes all the difference. It looks more natural and it helps her eyes pop even more.

Now let’s take a look at Florence. Florence is rocking a lighter copper tone, more on the orange side. I have experienced many clients sitting down in my chair and saying to me “Do whatever you want, just don’t make my hair orange!” and every time it breaks my heart. I think that orange is one of the most beautiful colors you can give a gal. Of course they need to have the right skin tone and eye color but when it works, it works! Florence’s orange hues work because of her milky white skin and her gorgeous green eyes. Christina and Florence may look very similar but once put side by side you’ll see that Christina wears more reddish copper tones that play up her blues eyes, while Florence wear a more orange copper look that intensifies her green eyes.

And last but certainly not least, Emma Stone. I have a total girl crush on her. She’s funny, beautiful and a red head! Emma has a more toned down version of Christina and Florence. You can see that she wears her copper darker at the roots and then it melts down into brighter softer shades around her face. This works for her because the darker roots look more natural. Also, you can see more brown hues to her copper which is softer and more natural and it pairs better with her cool blue eyes.

The shades of this season are classy, sexy and sleek. Everything that last seasons redheads were not. Thank god! Last season, we saw Rihanna go red and it was awful. She is a beautiful girl but I’m going to be real with you people, that fake fire engine red looks trashy. Cher Lloyd is also guilty. I have nothing against either of these singers, I’m sure they’re great women… They just have ugly hair. Leave those fake tones to the tweens at Hot Topic who hate their mom’s.

If you are looking to try this trend but are still unsure, then instead of going for all over try starting with low lights or strawberry blonde highlights. Easing your way in with just pieces of coppers and reds is an easy way to see if it’s the right look for you but also if it isn’t the right look for you, it’s a much easier fix than trying to reverse an all over red/copper color.

Blondes can also look to mix up their locks by darkening your base with a golden strawberry blonde tone, still keeping some bright highlights in there to break it up and keep it light but toning it down for fall. Jessica Chastain does this very well. This is definitely a hot trend these days and I am a HUGE fan!

One thing to remember when adding red, copper or gold tones to your hair is that these tones are also the hardest to keep in your hair. That means that you ABSOLUTELY need to be using a color safe shampoo and conditioner. My favorite brand is Pureology and they make an amazing Reviving Red shampoo and conditioner. It has an indulgent decadent smell and will allow your red to stay up to 40% longer! If you’ve ever had red hair you know how hard it can to keep it looking bright and vibrant in between appointments.

If you, like me, love these colors then take that hair from drab to fab and be daring! Go for the gold (or copper) and liven up your locks with theses beautiful colors of winter.

Thanks for reading!